iDate Editing/Before Break Scramble

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I started editing iDate a week ago after finally tracking down all of the footage from the various crew members. My previous iDate blog post discussed the production and how smooth the shoot went. Editing iDate is going just as smoothly. I believe we got enough coverage and angles of the characters to effectively tell the story. I would’ve liked to get stronger cut in’s but I can work with what we have. I did the first edit for last monday’s class but was unable to attend and show it, but sent it to Eumi to take a look at while I slept off the bug I caught the previous week. Eumi’s initial feedback was very positive and she had great advice on how to rework a couple of things and as well as how to get around some of the continuity issues we were facing. I spent the next couple of days fixing and reworking the rough cut for last wednesday’s class viewing. I was really grateful for the feedback everyone in class gave me monday. I took notes and was thankful for Ole’s advice as well as Kelly’s regarding the opening and possible cut aways. I plan on working on the piece over break so that it is ready to be shown wednesday after break. My current hurdle is finding an appropriate musical score for the ending scene as well as including some ambient bar sounds. 


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