iDate/Grief Stricken

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

We shot iDate last Wednesday, 10/24. We shot at the Irish Lion with two cameras. I believe the shoot went smoothly. Since we had a smaller window of time, everyone was efficient in setting up equipment and doing what they needed to do. Kellie and Evan we’re great at acting and Brian did a good job as out waiter. The location was better than expected and I believe it’ll end up looking good. I’m starting the edits this week. I believe  Eumi took some production stills.

Grief Stricken was shot last Friday, 10/26. Since I had discussion to lead in the afternoon, I was only able to be there for the morning and evening locations. The first shot was at the university auditorium at 8am. We shot the scene where our main character confronted the newspaper man regarding the obituary. Sahar and I set up lights and created a high contrast lit scene to set the mood and tone of the piece. I also suggested a slightly canted shot which would become greater as the piece went on. I think the shots came out well (hopefully since we shot with film). Sahar and Russell said the shoots in the middle of the day went really well and I was pretty confident going into the cemetery scene. I blocked the shots how I envisioned them having not been to the location before and was happy I was able to get what I wanted. On a sidenote, Sahar introduced me to Cresent donuts which made the shoot that much better. I’ve never worked with film before and enjoyed watching Sahar work with the camera and also enjoyed framing the shot with it. Overall, I thought everyone did a great job!

This upcoming week I am on audio for Carmen’s Karma. More to come.


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