Meeting Ends Shoot

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Meeting Ends was shot 8/8-13. We shot four different evenings. The first day we shot interior and exterior scenes. I was on audio and met the rest of the cast at Carter’s apartment. I had never used the type of recorder before and it took me a few minutes to get the equipment down while lighting was being set up. I had trouble with the file names since the recorder seemed to revert back to previous files and put partitions in them instead of creating new files. We made sure to audio slate every file clearly in order to keep the audio files in order during the editing process. The first night we shot 3 scenes for about 6 hours total. It was a successful first day. The actor in the piece did a great job with some of the silent scenes.

The second day we shot a bulk of the project. We shot three muggings as well as the final scene of the night. We had three different actors acting. Our locations were Bryan Park, a street near Carter’s apartment, City Hall and a row of townhouses along atwater. Audio was only used during 4 shots since most of the film has ADR. Lighting set up took up most of the time during the a last shot, however I believe the end result came out really nice.

The third day of filming was located at a friend of Carter’s for the party scene. The main character leaves the party before she gets mugged in city hall. Red lighting in the window’s looked very cool and gave the  scene a neat look to it. We spent most of the time again on lighting and audio was going to be dubbed so I spent my time on helping set up the lighting. I did end up recording audio for the scene just in case.

While shooting was time intensive, especially at night, I believe it was definitely all worth it in the end. Everyone did a great job.



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