I started editing iDate a week ago after finally tracking down all of the footage from the various crew members. My previous iDate blog post discussed the production and how smooth the shoot went. Editing iDate is going just as smoothly. I believe we got enough coverage and angles of the characters to effectively tell the story. I would’ve liked to get stronger cut in’s but I can work with what we have. I did the first edit for last monday’s class but was unable to attend and show it, but sent it to Eumi to take a look at while I slept off the bug I caught the previous week. Eumi’s initial feedback was very positive and she had great advice on how to rework a couple of things and as well as how to get around some of the continuity issues we were facing. I spent the next couple of days fixing and reworking the rough cut for last wednesday’s class viewing. I was really grateful for the feedback everyone in class gave me monday. I took notes and was thankful for Ole’s advice as well as Kelly’s regarding the opening and possible cut aways. I plan on working on the piece over break so that it is ready to be shown wednesday after break. My current hurdle is finding an appropriate musical score for the ending scene as well as including some ambient bar sounds. 


Carmen’s Karma

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Last wednesday we shot Carmen’s Karma downtown and at the poor house. We shot the opening and ending shots on the square and the rest at the Poor House. After scarfing down some subway sandwiches, we started the shoot at 1. I was in charge of audio and we had two mic’s, a wireless lav and a boom mic. I happen to be not a big fan of the zoom recorders for two main reasons. First, whenever I have two mic’s plugged in, the recorder takes forever to “load,” which is a hassle when time on set is limited. Second, the battery life on the recorder with both mic’s is horrible which also slows down the process. Everyone did a great job at the locations and we got each shot efficiently and without too much disruption. Our locations were pretty cool and I’m excited to see the homeless montage that Carter shot at the end of the day.

This week is largely dedicated to editing idate so that I hopefully have a nice rough edit to submit next monday.


iDate/Grief Stricken

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We shot iDate last Wednesday, 10/24. We shot at the Irish Lion with two cameras. I believe the shoot went smoothly. Since we had a smaller window of time, everyone was efficient in setting up equipment and doing what they needed to do. Kellie and Evan we’re great at acting and Brian did a good job as out waiter. The location was better than expected and I believe it’ll end up looking good. I’m starting the edits this week. I believe  Eumi took some production stills.

Grief Stricken was shot last Friday, 10/26. Since I had discussion to lead in the afternoon, I was only able to be there for the morning and evening locations. The first shot was at the university auditorium at 8am. We shot the scene where our main character confronted the newspaper man regarding the obituary. Sahar and I set up lights and created a high contrast lit scene to set the mood and tone of the piece. I also suggested a slightly canted shot which would become greater as the piece went on. I think the shots came out well (hopefully since we shot with film). Sahar and Russell said the shoots in the middle of the day went really well and I was pretty confident going into the cemetery scene. I blocked the shots how I envisioned them having not been to the location before and was happy I was able to get what I wanted. On a sidenote, Sahar introduced me to Cresent donuts which made the shoot that much better. I’ve never worked with film before and enjoyed watching Sahar work with the camera and also enjoyed framing the shot with it. Overall, I thought everyone did a great job!

This upcoming week I am on audio for Carmen’s Karma. More to come.

So far the producing for iDate has been much more complicated than I originally intended. I am excited about the potential and concept for the short film, however scheduling and location conflicts have made it more taxing. The hardest part about producing iDate was both securing a location and finding a time that everyone could shoot. Initially, the locations I secured for shooting could not accommodate the shooting times that would work for both actors and crew. It seemed that class time was the only mutual time available for everyone however this caused our actor to begin to having conflicts.

For my first time producing, I’ve learned that having a few strong back-ups for both location and talent is advisable. Finally, after some hangups, we are shooting at the Irish Lion, Wednesday, 10/24 at 1:45 after checking in at class at 1:15. Production blog post coming soon.

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Meeting Ends was shot 8/8-13. We shot four different evenings. The first day we shot interior and exterior scenes. I was on audio and met the rest of the cast at Carter’s apartment. I had never used the type of recorder before and it took me a few minutes to get the equipment down while lighting was being set up. I had trouble with the file names since the recorder seemed to revert back to previous files and put partitions in them instead of creating new files. We made sure to audio slate every file clearly in order to keep the audio files in order during the editing process. The first night we shot 3 scenes for about 6 hours total. It was a successful first day. The actor in the piece did a great job with some of the silent scenes.

The second day we shot a bulk of the project. We shot three muggings as well as the final scene of the night. We had three different actors acting. Our locations were Bryan Park, a street near Carter’s apartment, City Hall and a row of townhouses along atwater. Audio was only used during 4 shots since most of the film has ADR. Lighting set up took up most of the time during the a last shot, however I believe the end result came out really nice.

The third day of filming was located at a friend of Carter’s for the party scene. The main character leaves the party before she gets mugged in city hall. Red lighting in the window’s looked very cool and gave the  scene a neat look to it. We spent most of the time again on lighting and audio was going to be dubbed so I spent my time on helping set up the lighting. I did end up recording audio for the scene just in case.

While shooting was time intensive, especially at night, I believe it was definitely all worth it in the end. Everyone did a great job.


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I chose a football as the object and my roommates as the two people who are interacting with it. I shot this weeks exercise with my DSLR and found that I wasn’t too happy with the colors from the inside lighting. Next time I shoot in that location, I will definitely change out the lighting for whiter, more natural bulbs in hopes it can give me more even color. I also chose to break the 180 degree rule based on how my subjects were tossing and catching the football. I believe the over the left shoulder shot came out cleaner when cutting scenes.

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I found this week’s project slightly challenging from a production standpoint because it was my first time using the Sony camera. I found I spent more time trying to locate different buttons for the iris, nd filters, white balance, etc than I did actually shooting. Since I’ve never viewed video I’ve captured from this camera in post, I had to trust the the lcd monitor color/exposure wise. When I finally log and captured my footage, I wasn’t too happy with the exposure and decided that a few added effects in post were needed in order to give it that professional film look. I chose to tint the color in order to control the sunny day a bit better as well alter the contrast/brightness.

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